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Shandong Maifeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in Feicheng High-tech Industrial Park, China, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of mid-to-high-end new polishing and abrasive materials. The company's main products are cerium oxide polishing powder, zirconia polishing powder, alumina polishing powder and zirconium, aluminum, cerium, silica polishing liquid and other products.


  • Cerium oxide series
  • Zirconia series
  • Silicon oxide series
  • Alumina series
  • Polishing pad series
  • Refined powder series

Cerium oxide series

Suitable for precision polishing of optical glass, quartz wafers, crystal oscillators, ITO conductive glass, photomasks, filters, SOS substrates, and glass-ceramic substrates.

Zirconia series

It is suitable for fine polishing of filters, soft glass (FCD1, FK51) and blue glass filters, and can also be used with polishing powder for processing superhard materials.

Silicon oxide series

Suitable for polishing sapphire, precision hardware, ceramic substrates, semiconductor chips and crystals.

Alumina series

It is suitable for grinding and polishing of infrared materials, semiconductor chips, and polishing of resin glasses, sapphire substrates and precision hardware.

Polishing pad series

Damping cloth polishing pad for glass polishing, epoxy polyurethane polishing pad for optical glass polishing, special polishing pad for sapphire polishing, polishing pad processing (grooving, hot pressing).

Refined powder series

Suitable for wire cutting of semiconductor silicon wafers and sapphire crystals, rough grinding of optical filters and quartz lenses.

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